How old is the oldest writing?

Of these three writing systems, therefore, only the earliest, the Mesopotamian cuneiform script, invented in Sumer, present-day Iraq, c. 3200 BC, can be traced without any discontinuity over a period of 10,000 years, from a prehistoric antecedent to the present-day alphabet.

What are the qualities of a good academic essay?

The following is a brief description of five qualities of good writing: focus, development, unity, coherence, and correctness. The qualities described here are especially important for academic and expository writing.

How can I be more formal in writing?

9 Tips for Formal Writing StyleUse the active voice. scholarship writers Use literal and concrete language. Be concise. Be careful with placement of descriptive words and phrases. Do not use abbreviations or contractions. Avoid repetition. Always try to put statements in positive form (do not put them in negative from). No exclamation marks outside of quotations.

Does 12am count as the next day?

12am is the start of a new day, and 12pm is the start of a new afternoon. The day is split up into two time periods – from midnight until noon and from noon until midnight.

How do I write about my favorite person?

My favourite person is my mother. I like my mother because she always advises me. she is my best friend and she always encourages me. My life is surrounded by many important peoples but my mom is the most essential person in my life.

What leadership qualities do you value the most?

The Qualities and Value of an Effective LeaderGood Communicator. The marker of effective leadership is clear communication. Has an Emotional IQ. Truly effective leaders have a high level of self-awareness and empathy for the people they are leading. Empowering. Honest. Positive. Confident. Has a Sense of Humor.

How long does it take to read 2000 words out loud?

Common conversions (average speed)How long does it take to read 500 words?3.8 minutesHow long does it take to read 1500 words?11.5 minutesHow long does it take to read 1800 words?13.8 minutesHow long does it take to read 2000 words?15.4 minutesHow long does it take to read 3000 words?23.1 minutes3

How long does it take to read 100 words out loud?

about 0.3 minutes

What are the most important aspects of life?

The 12 Most Important Things in LifeHealth. Being healthy is the single, most important part of our existence 2013 without good health, our lives can be cut short. Family. Friends. Love. Purpose. Passion. Wellness. Education.

What are the 5 most important things in your life?

Basic Things are the Most Important Things in Our Life.Education is a Necessity. Education is the key to unlock the world, it gives us the space to learn, a space to grow. Having Goals in Life. Hard Work. Power of Determination.Friendship. Family 2013 The Best Gift. Health is Everything. Helping Others.

How do you make yourself stand out in college applications?

7 Tips for Creating a Stand Out College ApplicationKnow Your Assets. You have to aware of how to present yourself to college admissions officers best. Get Involved. Get involved in a range of activities throughout high school. Build Relationships. Find Your Best-Fit Colleges. Write Your Best College Essay. Apply Early. Say Thank You.

What GPA do grad schools look at?


Which city in Florida has the best schools?

Florida City RankingsRank (of 393)CityRank (2018)1stPensacola Beach12ndCoconut Grove103rdSanibel74thPonte Vedra Beach344 Jun 28, 2019

Who is the number 1 high school football team in Florida?

2020 Florida High School Football Rankings#SchoolRating1IMG Academy (Bradenton)98.32St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale)64.13American Heritage (Plantation)61.34University (Fort Lauderdale)60.221 .

Where does Florida rank in high school education?

Florida outperforms the nation in 15 of the 18 K-12 Achievement measures. Florida’s K-12 Achievement score is higher than the nation. Florida is ranked 2nd in the nation for improving the high school graduation rate.