You can even make your selection from the search section. Besides, it does not only allow you to pick your movies but also meets your hunger for watching any TV shows.

OneBox HD is the first app that comes to your mind as an alternative to Terrarium TV. You can also search for Live TV Channels by country name, and these channels would pop-up. CKay TV is a widely popular Live TV channel app that has categories i.e.

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Since it provides a free solution, it is certainly worth a try. This is another hidden gem where you can watch almost every new show online. The website is dedicated to Asian entertainment that also includes Thai, Japanese, and Chinese dramas. MyAsianTV might be a new website, but it has gained an extensive following in the last few years. The website has all the new Korean shows that you can watch without paying anything.

  • Flying is always tricky, but apps like Kayak make it easy to find the cheapest flights in the fastest way.
  • For Mac owners with Android phones, AirMessage could be tempting.
  • Insert right resolution of your game otherwise it will not display your game correctly.
  • For more help, like how to prevent apps from opening automatically on a rooted device, read on.

Joining public servers is a great way to quickly get into some multiplayer action without having to build your own private server. Things get a bit more complex when you decide to host your own server. These platforms will allow multiple players to join a single session, regardless of location in the world. Creating your own server is ideal for people who want a lot of control over all aspects of their world, and don’t mind working through a bit of technical jargon. Minecraft has a bunch of tutorials that detail the server setup process, but here’s a quick overview of how to launch and join them.

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This is all very cool, but Android is still the king of ambient information with its robust widget framework. Android added resizable widgets in Android 3.0, and many of them have additional capabilities like direct playback control and flick scrolling. Android is far more customizable, but it still differentiates between icons and widgets. Windows Phone has found a way to combine the two concepts in a way that makes sense. The other big change is that when the size of the tiles is changed, the data it displays will be different. For example, if your SMS tile is small, it will only show an unread count. Make it bigger, and you get the text of the message right on the home screen.